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Strictly Frocking: callmemadam’s rules

I’m getting really sick of hearing, on Strictly It Takes Two, frex, how wonderful the wardrobe department is. This year too many of the dresses have been regrettably vulgar and/or unfit for purpose. Already we’ve had Nancy’s menacing boa, the dress a tearful Chelsee thought she’d fallen out of and two dresses which the unfortunate celebs have caught their heels in. These clothes cost a fortune and are designed for dancing; surely they should work? Mesdames the costumiers seem to have it in for Holly. She’s a glamorous woman but she’s not thin, yet twice now they’ve put her in outfits which cut her in half: first that awful dress with the nude top then Saturday’s Charleston get-up, which looked like school PE kit with sequins on. No wonder she’s gone out. Don’t let’s spare the presenters, either. The dress Claudia wore for Sunday’s show would have looked cute on an eight year old and Tess's wasn’t much better. No one over eight should wear puffed sleeves!

Only one woman left in the competition now, so let’s hope those designers concoct something better for Chelsee than the purple and turquoise effort she wore for the Tango, which I thought didn’t suit her at all. I’ve warmed to this girl. Jason dances well but is drearily pompous with his endless talk about ‘the incredible journey’ (wonder if he’s read the book)? Harry started brilliantly and is obviously the judges’ favourite. But I think we’re seeing the Chris Hollins factor at work with Chelsee v. Harry. Being technically perfect isn’t everything; it matters how much people just enjoy watching you. Like Chris, Chelsee doesn’t seem to realise how good she is and also like Chris, dances with a joie de vivre which Harry just doesn’t put over. Saturday will be interesting.

Chelsee & Pasha training, picture BBC
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