callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

Winter gardening

This afternoon cybersofa was nobly clearing up some of the apple harvest lying wasted on the grass (guilt). I had a plan to cut all the leaves off the hellebores, which was supposed to take five minutes. Hah! I did the job: lovely fat flower buds showing once the leaves were off and little snowdrop snouts up already. Then I thought I'd cut down the dead stems of Macleaya cordata which would spoil the view of the hellebores from the house. The stems are orange inside and the fat ones are hollow and full of water which pours out as you cut them. Then I noticed some nettles and thought they would come out easier now than later, fetched the fork and dug out a bramble root for the same reason and while I was at it bagged a promising ash sapling and a self sown laurel that would have been a large bush in no time if left to its own devices. So as usual my five minutes outside became half an hour. Plus on the way in I cut a squash languishing in the veg patch, with the vague idea of making soup from it. Now for indoors: we have a tree to decorate.
Tags: gardening, hellebores, weeds

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