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January 2019



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Cheery Reading 5: A Christmas Carol

Nothing to say about this except that it’s the best Christmas story ever written. The only fault I can find with it is that Dickens uses Scrooge to promote his own anti-sabbatarian views, which is out of character. So here’s a poll to see how much other people like the book.

What is your relationship with A Christmas Carol?

I've never read it
I've read it once
I read it every Christmas


More than once, but only two or three times. I might read it again this year though (rather than watching A Muppet Christmas Carol).
I like the Alastair Sim film. Hope it's on sometime over Christmas.
It is! I saw it in Mum's Radio Times! I think it's Christmas Eve ...
Thank you! I'll check it out.
I've never read it, but will now.

I was at a Christmas fair at a Steiner school the other week, and I kept thinking Alastair Sim was going to appear from one of the classrooms.
That would certainly have been the ghost of Christmas past.
It wouldn't be Christmas without a reading of it.
Exactly how I feel!
I am a more than but not every Christmas girl too. It will be a Christmas Kindle read this week though. I am loving your Christmas reads miniseries BTW.
I also read it on the Kindle this year and last, since huskyteer now has the only copy we had.

Good! More to come. Love that icon.
Not really every Christmas, but numerous times. And when there is a nice adaptation on TV, I'll watch that too.
Curious that this Christmas we get yet another adaptation of Great Expectations but they never seem to do A Christmas Carol.
I re-read Pip's Christmas dinner last night - hilarious!
On those Dickens trailers we're seeing so many of at the moment before the Christmas Dickensfest, Armando Ianucci pops up saying Dickens was our greatest comedian ever. He was certainly funnier than Armando.
I've seen two versions of it already - in the past week! Patrick ? and another very strange modernistic one that I got distracted from (I don't mean bad strange.)
I first tried to watch the Patrick ? version on Boxing Day in about 2003 on a set that got very poor reception -
I've only read it once but I watch all the films every Christmas including the brilliant Alastair Sim and the Muppet versions :)

ETA: I have downloaded a free kindle copy so will get to read it again :)

Edited at 2011-12-19 01:11 pm (UTC)
Yay for free books! Last year I downloaded several old and therefore free Christmas stories I'd never heard of.


I re-read it this year for the first time in ages and adored it all over again. It's just Dickens in miniature, isn't it? I read it on my Kindle as the print in my paper copy is just too wee for me these days. The only problem I found with it was that I had to force myself not to think of the wonderful 'Muppet Christmas Carol', which we watch every Christmas Day, as the film sticks so closely to Dickens' text!