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Weekend TV Watch

Er, nothing on Saturday at all. So I’m very grateful to Cornflower for mentioning the lovely film The Bishop’s Wife, which I borrowed from LoveFilm. Cary Grant constantly beaming with radiant goodness is a sight to behold and he’s quite upfront about being an angel; no ‘Mr Miracle’ for his character. David Niven plays the bishop. I loved this film and enjoyed the ice skating scene so much I watched it twice. I can’t think why it hasn’t become a traditional Christmas film, like It’s a Wonderful Life. It would be nice to have my own copy, but the price is ridiculous.

Yesterday I watched the second episode of the new Sherlock. I hadn’t a clue what was going on in last week’s A Scandal in Belgravia but last night’s episode did have a story line you could follow, thank goodness. I don’t really like Holmes out of London, though, nor do I go for conspiracy theory drama.

Heads up: David Lean’s Great Expectations is on TV this afternoon for you to record and watch later. I watched it again the other day and plan to write about it for tomorrow’s Dickens on Tuesday.
Tags: cary grant, charles dickens, lovefilm, sherlock, sherlock holmes, television

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