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Garden News: chop chop

Perfect weather today and this chap was very interested in my activities. I wanted to get rid of this lot

because I knew that hellebores and snowdrops were hidden underneath and didn’t want to miss them. Cutting back the ferns is a pain, with spores flying everywhere (probably bad for you). Once you can see the crowns it gets easier but no less hard on the back. Three barrowloads later

you can see the hellebores.

Plenty of snowdrop snouts, too and even daffodils. Naturally, once I was outside I saw lots of other jobs which needed doing but the secret of enjoying gardening is knowing when to stop, something I’m bad at. Flowers out include primroses and pulmonarias; it’s not that surprising to see them at this time of year, but pleasing nonetheless. What a change from the dreary dark days we've been having!
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