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October 2018



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life on mars

Why BBC 4 is my favourite TV station

Jonathan Meades on France is just one reason. Two episodes so far, both totally off the wall as usual. I’ve just this moment, while looking for the link, found a review from The Independent which describes Meades’ criticisms of de Gaulle as ‘bizarre’. They seemed eminently reasonable to me. This channel is worth the licence fee.


Hear hear!
If I watch any telly, it'll be on BBC 4.

And Jonathan Meades has got the same National Health specs as I have! Coo.
He mostly wears shades :-)

There's so little on television that's remotely challenging intellectually that struggling to keep up with a presenter is actually a treat.
I agree, the BBC is worth every penny of the licence fee :)
Errm, some parts. Whole weekends with nothing at all I want to watch has driven me to LoveFilm.
Of course not everything is brilliant but what they do well (drama, wild life) is generally good :) I did enjoy rewatching the film Enemy of the State on Saturday and I really enjoyed Sunday night with Countryfile, Call the Midwife and Birdsong :)
I meant to add have you been watching John Sergeant on Tracks of Empire and Climbing Great Buildings on BBC 4? I've been enjoying those. I usually catch up on iplayer with them.
Tried to watch JS yesterday but it broke up and I had to switch off, At the end, when I switched on again for Meades, they apologised for technical problems. A surprising new hit with me is Michael Portillo's Great British Railway Journeys. It's on ridiculously early but sometimes I remember to record it.
Was it a dish/cable problem you had? I haven't seen the Michael Portillo thing although I saw it advertised. I don't think I can manage to watch another single thing at the moment! I'm watching more than I ever used to watch but then there's more choice now :) I like my Sky + box because it remembers for me to record an entire series week by week and then I can watch it when I like :)
No,there's no cable out here in the sticks and I don't have Sky. My Freeview box will also record whole series; very useful.
Ah yes, freeview is great. I've been thinking of changing to freesat to save on Sky TV fees but I'm not sure I want to give up a couple of Sky channels which I like.