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February 2019



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Bargainous Beauty

Just before Christmas, Thompson & Morgan had an excellent offer of amaryllis, hyacinths, poinsettia etc. for £4.99 each including postage. When you think that the package included a pot and a bag of compost and compare the price at garden centres, it’s a no brainer. So I sent for this and it’s flowered two months from planting. I love the crystalline effect on the petals and the green shading. Three flowers out and when the fourth opens I’ll have the perfect, symmetrical flower head one aims for. What a pity the Horticultural Society show isn’t until April.

Click on pictures to enlarge.


How beautiful and what a bargain! :)
Thanks! It's very cheering.


What a pity the Horticultural Society show isn’t until April.

Absolutely gorgeous. I'm sure you would have won first prize.
Wee sister

Re: What a pity the Horticultural Society show isn’t until April.

I think so, too. One year someone actually showed one tied up to a stick. Tsk!
Thank you! Every time I go into the room I have a little gaze.
It's lovely, the white ones are always stunning. This is the first year I've not grown any, just didn't get around to buying any. Have you any tips re encouraging flowering next year, something I've never been successful with?
I love them all, any colour.

I've been quite successful in the past in getting them to flower again. I'd let them die down, re-pot the next year and leave them to it. I'm not recommending this method, but at my old house I'd leave them in the cold greenhouse over winter and even after this rough treatment they'd flower in summer.

This one will probably go in the greenhouse for the summer as I don't like the windowsills cluttered up with dormant plants.

Cute icon!


Oh that is beautiful. Crystalline they are. Ironic that my expensive mimosa gave up the ghost but my cheap as chips hydrangeas were the most stunning blue. Nicola@vintagereads
Thank you. Isn't it maddening when something you pay a lot for dies on you?