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January 2019



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At the Garden Centre

Yesterday started with fog which cleared for a beautiful afternoon, some of which I spent gardening. Today we had fog and frost and it was much colder so I went to the garden centre instead. I was careful not to grab a trolley so that I wouldn’t be tempted by gorgeous hellebores I haven’t room for. I was intrigued to see some of the plants about to be put out for the weekend. For example, Ranunculus ficaria ‘Brazen Hussy’.

This plant was introduced by Christopher Lloyd and I remember when it was only obtainable from specialist growers; I bought mine at one of the Westminster shows. They had a few plants, like snake’s head fritillaries and this erythronium

which were far more advanced than in my garden, where they’re only just starting to show. I did buy something. I love Eucomis bicolor. In my old garden I found it hardy and it’s destined for my new green (as in colour) bed here, as are the lilies.

Note the ‘Bee Friendly’ label? Here’s another sight to gladden Sarah Raven’s heart.

Poor cold thing. The fog is coming down again already so I’ll have to keep this jolly scene in mind.



Eucomis bicolor

Glad to see you doing your bit for the bees, B :-)
Love the little farmyard scene, there are no signs of lambs appearing here just yet.
Wee sister.
I would love one of those sheep!
They're for sale! You might be shocked to see a chicken as big as a farm dog.
Sad soul that I am I like the pigs. They break really easily though. Our local garden centre has them and a toddler fell into the dispaly and a half a dozen shattered at once. He wasn't very big either.
Nothing sad about liking pigs! I'm shocked to hear of this toddler vandalism.
The garden centre is just the place to be with hints of spring on the way. I was planning on going but not quite ready to drive yet, maybe Sunday. I love your cheerful photos :)
Thank you! Pouring with rain this morning (we do need it) so no gardening.
So many temptations!
It shouldn't be allowed!