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January 2019



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At the Market

Set off in the rain for the market then the sun came out. We need more rain!
It’s always feast or famine there. Week after week I’ll get nothing except fruit and veg and then comes a day like today when I came home with this lot for two quid. Nothing terribly exciting but not a bad little haul.


Don't you already have...er...all of those?

My stroll into Bromley to run errands turned into a pants-buying spree. I was looking for slippers...
Errm, how perceptive of you. Would you leave them there for 20p each? Two are much better copies than the ones I already have, so I'll swap them. The Heidi books I used to have but sold sometime. Two are completely new to me.

I won't even hint that you possibly have enough pants.
I have that copy of Heidi Grows Up :-)
I used to have both of these and thought I might read them again.
I had those Heidi sequels when I was a girl.
See above! They do have nice illustrations.
An incredible bargain for two quid!
Indeed! And such nice condition on the whole.


You got The Bobbsey Twins! Please save it for my next visit if you can. I loved these books when I was at junior school and it was lending one of them and getting it back in a disreputable state that put me off lending books for years.
Wee sister
My pleasure! I read lots of them but ISTR I borrowed them from a neighbour. I did have one of my own, long gone. I've picked up a few over the years, they're cheap.


Bobbsey Twins

If you love the Bobbsey Twins books, you might like to know that a slew, maybe all, of them are available as free downloads from ManyBooks for Kindle. I know there's nothing like the old, physical books, but if you just want to read them ....

Re: Bobbsey Twins

Thanks for that info about Many Books; I had no idea. I'm not that keen on the Bobbsey Twins these days but do have fond memories of them. I think they were my first introduction to a really long series.
A very nice haul indeed!

We badly need more rain, too.
It's pouring here this morning, at last. You really don't expect drought in February.
Wow - that's a great haul. Some good reading matter there for the next couple of weeks, I'm sure.
It's the kind of thing you see less and less of, so I could hardly believe my eyes.


Ooh what a great bunch! If you're selling an older tattier Pippa in Switzerland now - let me know and I'll buy it off you!
I prefer the dustwrapper on my older copy, so it's the newer one that's spare. I'll be glad for it to have a good home!
Whoops sorry that was me! Donna xx
At that price!? Wow.
One of my lucky days! I so seldom see old children's books now.


How I love your first comment! :<)
I have nine quotes from A City of Bells in my quotes folder! Nine!
I love the book, and Henrietta's House.
Very impressed by the idea of a quotes folder!
What a great haul! I have the Heidi sequels with those covers, and the spines with the gulls and also The Children's Press are so familiar! This was from a market? Wow!

I get really excited when I see these old children's books as they're becoming scarcer. That was a good day!