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At the Market

My market posts always prove popular. Last week you could have had a tasteful photo of an enormous bowl of fruit. This week, however, I had more luck.

There was a chap there with two big boxes packed with books published by the Valentine Romance Club, an imprint new to me. They were all 1950s editions in lovely dustwrappers and if I had any space at all at home, I’d have haggled with him for a price for the lot. As it was, I decided on a fiver’s-worth.

The Denise Robins cover is particularly fine, I think. They all need a good dust.

I had to photograph this one separately because of the title. Hee!

I also got this little pile, which includes: a novel I haven’t read by my new favourite light writer, Rachel Hore; a replacement copy of Nella Last’s Peace and a hardback Stella Gibbons’ novel. It’s a book club edition and I need to put a cover on it straight away, but still, it’s not something you see very often.

Total outlay, £7.30. As I was also quite lucky at the library this week, I’m not short of reading matter. Now, can my poor old legs manage a jumble sale this afternoon?
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