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January 2019



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At the Market

My market posts always prove popular. Last week you could have had a tasteful photo of an enormous bowl of fruit. This week, however, I had more luck.

There was a chap there with two big boxes packed with books published by the Valentine Romance Club, an imprint new to me. They were all 1950s editions in lovely dustwrappers and if I had any space at all at home, I’d have haggled with him for a price for the lot. As it was, I decided on a fiver’s-worth.

The Denise Robins cover is particularly fine, I think. They all need a good dust.

I had to photograph this one separately because of the title. Hee!

I also got this little pile, which includes: a novel I haven’t read by my new favourite light writer, Rachel Hore; a replacement copy of Nella Last’s Peace and a hardback Stella Gibbons’ novel. It’s a book club edition and I need to put a cover on it straight away, but still, it’s not something you see very often.

Total outlay, £7.30. As I was also quite lucky at the library this week, I’m not short of reading matter. Now, can my poor old legs manage a jumble sale this afternoon?


What a haul! I am envious.

I've just finished A Gathering Storm. I read it in one sitting until rather too late on a school night.
You should see what I've brought home from the jumble sale!

One sitting sounds promising. I do like her books; I'll save that one for just the right moment.
Wow, those romances look fabulous!
Aren't they lovely? It was sad having to leave dozens behind. That's summer in the garden reading sorted. Though summer is hard to believe in ATM.
What wonderful covers. I am so jealous of your market - you always seem to strike it lucky there. Will there be a jumble sale post coming shortly?
Correction, I sometimes strike lucky there :-)
Jumble? I'll think on.
What a great haul and an absolute bargain. Shame you didn't have room at home for everything the seller on the market had. Maybe you need a large shed in the garden ? ;)
Ha, little do you know :-) I do have a large shed in the garden! It's a properly lined chalet and it's *absolutely full of books*.
It was a big selling point for me when I was moving.
LOL. I should have known :)
Wonderful jackets!
I must try Rachel Hore - I like the sound of her books.
I can't resist that sort of thing!

I do like Rachel Hore and so far my favourite has been A Place of Secrets.
That's a wonderful collection!
I love them!
I haven't read the Stella Gibbons one in years; I can barely remember it. I loved Cold Comfort Farm so much that nothing could compare, but I should look it out and read it again ...
I've read some of her other novels and really, they don't come close to Cold Comfort Farm.
You definitely win at book shopping! I love the covers on those romance novels.
Wish I were as good at getting rid of a few!