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Easter Flowers

It’s wonderful how these fritillaries are always out for Good Friday. After a frosty start, it’s been a beautiful day, although chilly. Now it’s clouding over, so I was out dead-heading daffodils just in time. Why don’t more people bother with this simple task? I drive down the road shouting, ‘Dead-head your daffodils!’, safe in the knowledge that the culprits can’t hear me.

This Dicentra is one of ‘my’ plants, which I put in last spring. I’m delighted to see it up again and looking so much at home.

In other news, I have just been phoned by the optician *on Good Friday*. Whatever next? The poor woman wanted me to make an appointment, which I declined to do until next week.
Tags: dicentra, fritillaries, holidays, new garden

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