callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

I miss a trick at the Market

All these books from the same seller for £1.40. One of them is a very good buy.

A pile of knitting patterns so heavy I could hardly carry them, £1.00 the lot. Hours of fun ahead looking through them.

So why I am feeling like kicking myself? I missed a great stamp bargain. Looked through an album, asked the seller how much he wanted for it and got the response, ‘Haven’t looked at it yet, love.’ This annoyed me, I thought he was rude and replied sniffily that he wouldn’t sell it then would he? Later on, some old chap I don’t know told me he’d bought the album I’d been looking at it. Curses, it would have been a fantastic bargain at £40.00. Also, the same man who two weeks ago sold me Long Barrow for 50p. wanted £5.00 for a bag of mixed knitting yarn. I thought then it was too much and when I got home, that it would have been a bargain for odd pieces of crochet. Idiotically, I will be beating myself up about this all weekend.

In other news, what about our weather? Yesterday: thunder, lightning, hailstones rattling down. This morning: mega-frost and cold legs at the market. Currently: warm sunshine but a chilly breeze. Thanks to the storm, there’s thatch everywhere but it’s too wet to sweep it up. You have to love our climate, it’s never dull.
Tags: knitting, market, stamps, weather

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