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February 2019



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Unfortunate headline

I bought The Telegraph this morning, for the Chelsea Flower Show supplement. Top of the front page:
Geoffrey Boycott
Why England should whitewash West Indies

What were they thinking? All he says is that he expects a comfortable 3-0 win for England in the series. After complaining for months that there's nothing on television, I've been struggling to fit in the cricket and the Chelsea coverage. Must be summer.


Oh dear, a very unfortunate choice of words and surprising that the Telegraph used them! So Geoffrey ;)

The weather seems to be obliging with sun and warmth today!
It was the sub-editor, not Geoff, who wrote it and I don't think he is at all racist where cricket is concerned.

I've been out gardening already today and was *too hot*!
Ah, it read as though GB had said it and no, I didn't mean Geoffrey was racist, I meant he's always putting his foot in it with remarks and causing a stir. I like GB very much! :)
I bet you love the Duke of Edinburgh :-)
He's grown on me since he got really old :) Did you see the interview he gave when he was 90?
With Fiona Bruce? Yes and he gave her quite a hard time, didn't he!
He did, but she managed to draw him out a little :) The thing that struck me was that he didn't like to take any credit for anything he had been involved in. Quite modest in his forthright and difficult manner :)
When I saw the words "Chelsea Flower Show" and "Geoffrey Boycott" in close proximity, I was hoping that Sir Geoffrey was telling the Telegraph hack that he was going to win the Chelsea Flower Show with one of his granny's sticks of rhubarb.

Edited at 2012-05-22 03:21 pm (UTC)
I wonder about editors/ headlines sometimes. One in the Echo fairly recently was Tragic Soldier dies. Right! Glad you're enjoying the cricket!
Heh! Liberal England has a headline of the week and some are killing.
Cricket, lovely cricket and more on Friday!

Must get on in the garden again today. Oh, my poor old legs!