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January 2019



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Nature Notes: under the slug


On a window this morning. Ugh!

Anyone else having trouble with LJ pictures?


Ugh! There was a huge one in my compost bin yesterday. It really offended me.
I also found a giant in a compost bin and threw it over the fence into the field. I was wearing leather gardening gloves.:-)

Edited at 2012-07-07 08:39 am (UTC)
Mine was going to go in the river - only I wasn't wearing my gloves and couldn't bring myself to pick it up!


Nice picture. The slugs and snails are the only things thriving in my garden, apart from the weeds - it's all the rain we've had.
Thanks! Perhaps we should change 'nice weather for the ducks' to 'nice weather for slugs'. I've got plenty of flowers but they're getting a bashing.


Posted a comment, but it seems to have been anonymous - did I do something wrong? I only said I like the snail picture, and slugs and snails are the only things thriving in the garden along wit the weeds. It's all the rain we've had...

Re: Slugs

No worries. If you comment anonymously, the comment is screened until I've cleared it. Just an anti-spam measure by LJ.
Ugh! Disgusting creature. I know it can't help being a slug but they are horrid. I haven't seen any yet.

EDA: I don't use scrapbook anymore but it's a now pile of poo imo. I tested it and I have to go through every page to find albums...no date listed or alphabetical listed like before. No descriptions. Trying to add an image from an album was fun - not. Half the albums had nothing in them yet if I looked at the album in scrapbook itself the photos are there. I did manage to test post a photo in the size I wanted. It also tells me I need to upgrade as I have exceeded by allowance which is wrong (apparently a widget problem). Not impressed.

Edited at 2012-07-07 05:14 pm (UTC)
Your icon says it all.

I usually upload direct from Paintshop and I'm suddenly having trouble sizing pictures suitably for uploading. Also, the picture you see in preview will not be the same as the one which is posted, so it's useless as a check.