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October 2018



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Garden News: O Happy Hydrangea!

Everywhere I go, I see the pale, pinched faces of depressed people. The garden looks pretty depressed, too. Whenever it stops raining for about five minutes, I dash outside and snip off a dead head or pull out a weed. I avoid the patch at the bottom where standing water created a temporary pond for a couple of days. The deer have been in again and between them and the slugs it's a wonder I've a plant left in the garden. But the hydrangeas have never looked better.

C'est la fête à la grenouille.


I'm finding it's making a change not having to worry about the hydrangea not getting enough water.

Did you see the produce show cartoon in Private Eye?
It is nice not having to water the garden!

Haven't finished the latest one yet.
The annuals that I've grown from seed haven't grown since I planted the out three weeks ago!
I think it will be autumn before they flower.
I have Cerinthe planted out and flowering, although they're half the size they were last year. Nearly everything is behind, growth is so slow. And the slugs ate all the asters! I'm still convinced we'll get an Indian summer.
My hydrangea has been very slow to flower and is just beginning to bloom but has loads of buds. The lavender doesn't seem to have lasted 5 minutes and it's already dying off which is disappointing. The potted plants look good at least! There's talk of an Indian summer :)
My hanging basket is taking everything the weather throws at it. I'll never be unkind about begonias or petunias again.
Our regional weatherman says summer will finally arrive in the last week of July (from next Sunday onward). Hopefully it will arrive in Britain too.
Fingers crossed!