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Last week I went to the John Lewis sale in Southampton, where they had boxes of yarns and patterns all at half price. I bought the Rowan Classic Winter book for 2006. All the patterns are designed for Soft Tweed and I got a bag of that in Loganberry, enough to make a sweater or a cardigan. I'm plodding on with a man's sleeveless pullover, which is dull apart from the cables. So for a break I made this

from the Rowan book but using a small amount (less than 50gm) of spare Wendy Fusion. You could make this in an evening, it's so easy. The Fusion worked as well with big needles as with the recommended sizes. I spent nearly as long again making a pompom for the top, only to decide that it looked better without it. The hat easily pulls over the ears for warmth. My hair needs cutting.
Tags: knitting, patterns, sales

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