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March 2019



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life on mars

Malcolm Saville on TV

Yesterday evening I switched on the television to watch my recording of Cricket on Five (I knew what would happen, groan) and the first word I heard was ‘Witchend’. Countryfile, which I never watch, was in Shropshire. There was quite a lot about Malcolm Saville, including an interview with his daughter Rosemary. They even showed a couple of book covers, including this one


which happens to be a favourite of mine. I’m rather annoyed that the listings didn’t mention Saville as one of the highlights of the programme. It’s available to watch on the iPlayer here. The Saville section will be about forty minutes into the programme, I think.


The Saville books were not favourites in my youth, but I enjoyed the way that the scenes were set. We were completely fooled by his "you won't find the house", and I think that I would have been self-righteously shocked if I'd found out the "lie" . i have a local friend who recently visited the scenes of the books, and I've been wondering about re-reading a few -
When I was young, I liked the Lone Pine books much more than I did the Famous Five. I still enjoy them now. Witchend is based on a real house.
Yes, I saw that on the programme. i also saw it "by accident"
They're starting to compare this test match to the one at Bridgetown in 2009. I was at that test, it was booooring! I haven't enjoyed this one at all.
There is rather a lack of tension!
I can't bear to think about the cricket....

I do watch countryfile quite often. I think some new blood is needed.
Best to draw a veil over it ...

I rarely enjoy programmes about the countryside, even though I like living in it. Odd, that.
Thanks for that. Will watch later (Nicola normally records it in case there is anything about horses :-) ). It probably explains the amount of Malcolm Saville books I've sold this week!
Good news that sales are up!
Well four Lone Pine books in three days is pretty good! A LOT better than the first four months of the year which were dire.
Whoo, yes. It's really hard selling books at the moment, let's hope things pick up.