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Wow! 2nd Test, Day Three

Geoff Boycott at the end of the day:

"It was a thrilling day for England supporters, Pietersen came out and you knew it was going to be war, it's his arrogance and confidence against their fast bowlers, he's not going to back off, it's not his scene, and he played a fantastic innings, one of his best, it was the way he bristled he went after them, if you're a cricket lover and you didn't enjoy today there is something wrong with you."

I was glued to TMS while Michael Vaughan and Shaun Pollock waxed lyrical about Pietersen's 'impossible' shots. 'He's making Philander look like a club player'. 'He's playing the best bowler in the world (Steyn) as if he's lobbing tennis balls at him.' Then on came Henry Blofeld. 'an innings of sheer unmitigated genius'. Anyone who's been here today will never forget it etc. etc.

Devoted as I am to TMS, I would so love to have seen this while it was happening. Instead, I'd have to wait for the highlights on Cricket on 5, which started half an hour before play finished and is still recording now. How can they make a decent programme of it? Never, never, never will I forgive the cricketing authorities for selling out to the evil empire of Rupert Murdoch.

Olympics? Pah! Nothing could beat today's play for excitement.

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