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What a Waste!


Our council is changing its methods of waste collection, a supposed improvement which will be much worse for me. At the moment we have weekly rubbish collection and a fortnightly collection for recyclable glass, plastic and paper. There’s also an optional garden waste collection every week, using orange sacks which cost a pound each.

I live modestly. I recycle everything I can and have compost bins and a heap in the garden. Most weeks, the only rubbish I put out is a small pedal bin liner. From next month I have to have three, yes three, wheelie bins *and* a bin for food waste (what food waste?) as well as the green box I already have. In order to get garden waste collected, I will have to pay £35.00 a year on top of my already ludicrously high council tax. I am really upset that my pretty cottage and garden will be cluttered up with hideous, unnecessary lumps of plastic. I can’t think of a single place where they can be hidden out of sight from at least one window. On top of that, we have no pavements here, so on collection days I’ll have to totter out with the bins to line them up on the drive, and may not be able to get my car out. Grr! It will be even worse for people in town who live in terraced houses, as the new bins will fill their little front gardens. I look forward to next year’s ‘best garden visible from the road’ competition.

I was early walking up to the post this morning and all the green boxes were out. Cor, the people in this village don’t 'arf drink a lot of wine.
Tags: council tax, green issues
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