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Oh joy! Gloomsbury is here

I’ve written before about the excellence of Sue Limb, and in particular her radio series The Wordsmiths at Gorsemere. That was on so long ago that I have the whole lot recorded on cassettes. So I’m thrilled that she’s taken on another set of literary types in Gloomsbury. The series starts on Radio 4 next Friday morning, an awkward time for a radio date, so let’s hope it will be on Listen Again. It stars Miriam Margoyles as Vera Sackcloth-Vest and Alison Steadman as Ginny Fox. How can it go wrong? Margoyles was also in Wordsmiths, playing Stinking Iris. She’s brilliant in these character roles. If, like me, you find the Bloomsbury crowd a bunch of people who imagined they were forward-looking but were in fact self-obsessed, reactionary snobs, you may look forward to this programme as much as I do. You can read an interview with Sue Limb here.

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