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March 2018



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Kitchenalia: so far out it’s in again


Our library currently has a small display representing an olde tyme kitchen. It caught my eye at once because when I was a child we had a kitchen cabinet very similar to this one; ours was pale yellow. They were very useful. You have two cupboards at the top with glazed doors. In the middle, a flap lifts down like a desk top to make a work surface. ISTR ours had an enamel inlay so that you could roll out pastry on it. More storage at the back. Underneath, two drawers and two more cupboards. When I asked permission to take photos, I was told that there’s a bigger exhibition at our local artsy centre, so I must find time to get down there. People love all this stuff now, and seek it out. When I told the librarian that ‘we used to have one’, she replied, ‘so many people have said that!’
I’m expecting some glad cries of recognition.






My grandmother has lots of embroidered cloths just like that...
I have one of my mother's and a couple that are heirlooms! I'm always planning to have a tea party and get out the crinoline ladies, but never seem to get round to it.
You've taken me back to my childhood. Our kitchen cabinet was just like that but it was green and cream. The cooker was the same too as were the scales :) Good sturdy products. That cabinet was used as a store cupboard in the shed years later :)
Things were made to last in those days, it's true.
My granny had one of those cabinet things too. It was extra handy because her kitchen was long and very narrow, so there was little space for work-tops. Having, effectively, a worktop that folded up when not in use was pretty much essential to make her kitchen workable!

I inherited her her balance-type kitchen scales, which I used for years. Only finally replaced them because I couldn't get a bigger weight than 2lb, and I had a lump of meat heavier than that that I needed to weigh!
They were really space saving and efficient.

Pity you had to lose the scales. Our local posh kitchen stuff shop sells very expensive reproductions.
And everyone had a chequered tea cosy! Ours was cerise and navy!
Thanks for sharing the memories
Well spotted!

You're very welcome, I'm glad people like the pics.
I've got a jelly mould like that, that's been in the family for as long as I can remember. It makes me think of a wood louse. I also picked up a cream and green pan at the favourite charity shop a few years ago.
Wood louse, indeed :-)

You were lucky to pick up the green and cream as it's quite collectable now.
How charming! I would love to have one, too.
Our families threw them out and now young people pay lots for them!
Ooh yes. My Nan had the yellow one. She had Ridgeway Homemaker plates from Woolworths in it. She would be amazed at the prices people pay today for the things she had in her kitchen.
Golly, yes. You see those Homemaker plates at antiques fairs now.