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December books, late

I haven't been reading much, for me.
A Shilling for Candles by Josephine Tey. Thought I hadn’t read this before, then found I had! Probably have another copy somewhere.
In the Presence of the Enemy by Elizabeth George. This is horrid. I nearly gave up after the first page where the poor kidnapped child is lying thinking she’s dead. No more for fear of spoilers. As usual I find the big problem with this series is the character of Deborah St John. She irritates the hell out of me in every book. Nor do I care for Helen. Far and away my favourite character is Barbara Havers.
Molesworth Omnibus. Hee hee.
Trudy Takes Charge by Mary Alice Faid. I have a great weakness for evangelical books. I like the Trudy ones best and have the whole set. Felt like reading this for the Christmas scene.
Christmas at Nettleford by Malcolm Saville. I read this every Christmas. It is so exactly how Christmas used to be.
Pink Sugar by O Douglas. Should be read between Penny Plain and Priorsford as it shows us the married Elliotts and introduces Merren Strang
What a Carve Up! By Jonathan Coe. Brilliant but horrible. You don't want to be in the same room as the person reading this book, who will be constantly shrieking, Ugh! Could hardly put it down, though.
Starring Tracey Beaker by Jacqueline Wilson. Poor Tracey.
Chiltern Adventure by Mabel Esther Allan. Latest offering from Fidra Books. Nice illustrations by T R Freeman who did The Lark in the Morn etc. and A Stephen Tring’s Penny books
How to Run Your Home Without Help by Kay Smallshaw. See previous post.

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