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March 2018



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Like stars upon some gloomy grove,


We’ve been living inside a cloud here for the past few days. Most plants look pretty sad. Yet at the end of October, the starry flowers of this little saxifrage come to cheer me up. The plant has loved the wet summer and the foliage has been a joy: rounded, scalloped leaves, which are a shiny green on top and red underneath. I have it planted just where I can see it from a window. This is the only way to enjoy the garden at the moment.


How lucky to have such a beautiful thing to look at.
It's very pretty and has several flower stems.

I put some pansies in the window boxes and something's eating them. The only thing I could see roundabout were woodlice. Do they eat pansies?
Isn't it?

Oh poor pansies, it's usually slugs that go for them. I think woodlice can cause trouble but by eating roots, not the flowers.
Thank you. There must be a sneaky snail or slug out there. I shall have a closer look.

Thank goodness for callmemadam's gardening column!
Ha ha! Perhaps I should start a separate blog.
Hasn't it been awful the past couple of days, foggy and damp. The garden is gradually dying off and my patio is looking a tad bare now. Your saxifrage is a joy to behold on these gloomy days :)
And just the same again this morning :-(

It's ideal for that shady spot. Perhaps I should get some more!
That's lovely!

It hasn't been much fun, these last few days, has it? It's reminded me of family holidays in the Welsh mountains, when we would go out for the day, drive into a cloud, and never emerge until it was time to go home. I love the Welsh mountains; I just don't love clouds.
Your holidays sound great :-)

Depressing weather, lights on all day.