callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

Kindle Bargains

It’s the Kindle Autumn Harvest or some such name. I have bagged:
Amelia Peabody Omnibus (four books), Elizabeth Peters, £1.19
Daisy Dalrymple Omnibus (four books) Carola Dunn, £1.19
Outcast, Rosemary Sutcliff, 99p
The Manning Sisters, Debbie Macomber £1.09
The Town in Bloom, Dodie Smith £1.19

I wanted Mog the Forgetful Cat for £1.49 but it can’t be downloaded to the sort of Kindle I have. Meh. After this spending orgy, my Kindle told me it was having a software update (first time this has happened). As I’d switched it off, I found this spooky, especially when it switched itself on again. I now have parental control! I’m also supposed to be able to read comic books and children’s picture books, but I still can’t have Mog.
Tags: kindle

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