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October 2018



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Madensky Square, Eva Ibbotson


Not a review. I bought it first thing this morning as it's today's Kindle 99p deal. I love Eva Ibbotson's books, as you can see from several other posts.


Me too! I think it's the only one of her adult romances I haven't read, so I snapped it up right away (and only didn't squeal because it would have woken the baby).
It's new to me, too, hurrah!
I thought this book seemed right up my street so bought it. I also got two of Peter May's Lewis trilogy. I have plenty to read on dark days and nights :)
It's a new one to me but I'm confident I'll love it and hope you do, too.
Me too - I haven't read any of her books but I remembered I'd got one on my wishlist, so thought it might be a good buy. Very pleased to see you approve of her! I added several of her others to the wishlist while I was at it.
I think my favourite is The Secret Countess.
That was one of the ones I added - it sounds lovely.


Eva Ibbotson

Read this about a decade or so ago and loved it. I once reviewed one of her books for the Historical Novels Society, but can't recall which one, but I know I enjoyed it!
Margaret P

Re: Eva Ibbotson

I've just started it; loving it so far. Vienna, dresses, what's not to like?
I read this a few months ago. While it's not my very favourite Ibbotson (having said that, I'm not sure which one is), the heroine is downright loveable.

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I finished it yesterday and I'd agree with you.


Always meant to read Journey to the River Sea when my daughters had it on their book shelves and I never did and I think they've given it away now. Darn. Where would you recommend starting with Ibbotson?
Journey to the River Sea was such a success it brought Ibbotson to a wider audience. It is good, but I don't like it as much as some of her others. You can see my recommendations here. I do hope you enjoy whichever book you pick.

PS When I checked that the link worked, I found a comment from you!

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