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December 2018



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Advent post No.2/Found in Books 12: Zalig Kerstfeest card


This cute little Dutch Christmas greeting was inside one of the Georgette Heyers I bought from a charity stall earlier in the year. It’s postmarked on the back 1965. Very appropriate for St Nicholas, whose feast is celebrated in the Netherlands and other places today.


Lovely! Warmly clad children being useful. Excellent.

I worry about the workers who have to put all the glitter on Christmas cards nowadays. Also, last year there were a lot of black ones, which I found puzzling.
Ha ha!

Black glitter? Don't think I've seen it.
Sorry, being confusing. I meant that there were a lot of cards with a black background as part of the design. I found it a bit baffling, as I don't think black could be considered festive!
I agree about black cards. I also dislike blue lights (creepy) and purple decorations. No fashion for me at Christmas!


I do so agree on the blue lights. Shocked to find our village tree has ditched the colourful lightbulbs for blue this year. Blue light = police and emergencies to me!
Hear, hear. Down with the depressing blue.
How charming!
I saved it to be used at Christmas!
What a cute card. I'm always on the lookout for antique post card greetings but it's hard to find ones which haven't been written on already. Further to the 'colours' discussion, black and silver gift wrap, ribbons and bows was the in thing here a couple of years ago :) I seem to remember seeing it and thinking it was strangely unfestive, then my friend gave me a stack of it when she was decluttering her house. It does look lovely but not traditionally festive. I use it for birthdays, usually the blokes :)
I quite like messages and stamps on the backs of postcards. A couple of weeks ago a man at the market was selling a fat album full of beautiful ones; I was sorely tempted.

Black ribbons? Nooo. I favour tradition over style at Christmas, even if it's a bit naff.
Well, I like messages on the back of postcards as well but if I'm looking to send an old postcard to someone for Christmas or birthday I need it to be blank :)

I'm the same really, tradition over style, at Christmas anyway :)

ETA: I probably would have been tempted with the album :)

Edited at 2012-12-06 02:47 pm (UTC)
Very true, if you can bear to part with them!

It was actually a good buy at £100.00 but I couldn't justify it.
Poor robin, protesting in vain against the removal of its home... That's my interpretation, anyway. :-)

Nice find! Was there a message on the back, or just a name? And was the stamp still there?
I never thought of that!

Yes, message saying, 'Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year' from x,y & z, and a Dutch stamp.