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Advent post No.5: Winter Wonderland at the Garden Centre


Garden centres have had a hard year of it, with the terrible weather making it hard for people to stay interested in their sodden gardens. So it’s even more important that they recoup some of their losses at Christmas. Our garden centre has gone OTT as usual with a startling display. As you walk in, you are greeted by huge furry reindeer, almost life size. Singing creatures on wires whiz about above your head. There are table settings, variously colour themed, and aspirational Christmas sets.

My favourite model snowy village has expanded this year, taking up a large area complete with ski slope and skiers, a Ferris wheel and a fish shop.


My least favourite novelty is probably this hideous creature, which sings Rockin’ Robin non-stop.


There’s no escaping cup cakes these days; surely they’ve has their day by now? Knitted and crocheted tree decorations are trending, as are trimmings which look like boiled sweets. Even I could make this: cut out a cardboard star, wrap different coloured yarns around it, fix on a hanger and hey presto! an on-trend tree. Might be fun for your children.


This white and silver set is tasteful but but reminded me of Miss Havisham’s table.


For the newborn in your family, here’s baby’s first Christmas, complete with any number of pastel gifts and decorations.


The best way to enjoy Christmas is of course to curl up with all your new books.

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