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December 2018



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Sofa Reading

Stuck semi-mobile with one arm, so far this month have read these GO books:
All the Blue Doors books by Pamela Brown
The Swish of the Curtain
Maddy Alone
Golden Pavements
Blue Door Venture
Maddy Again

Golden Pavements is still my favourite.

All the Penny books by Jane Shaw
Penny Foolish
Twopence Coloured
Threepenny Bit
Fourpenny Fair
Fivepenny Mystery
Crooked Sixpence

I prefer the ones set in Somerset.

And have now nearly finished Hilary McKay’s Exiles trilogy, funny as ever.


Oh no! Hope you're on the mend.
Thank you. Broken arm so a while to go yet.
Poor you!
Sympathy for the broken arm

Things that you might not expect -
A complete set of the Blue Door books in the bookcase of a 40 year old man?
He identifies with Bulldog -
Thank you.

I applaud that man.
Isn't it a blessing that a broken arm doesn't prevent you reading? Hope your arm is more comfortable now than it was :)x

More inconvenient (to put it mildly) than painful now, thank you.
Excellent reading choices! Just back from whole morning in Bournemouth Hospital - do hope Poole is less tiring for you! I like the ones set in Somerset too but generally love Jane Shaw anyway. xx
Poor you. I spent the whole afternoon at Poole, for less than ten minutes being seen. Was I glad I had Queen Lucia on the Kindle.

There may be more Jane Shaw reading.
Thank goodness that you can still read! I hope that your recovery is reasonably quick and uncomplicated.
Thank you!
Hope your arm is better soon! Am jealous of your copy of Crooked Sixpence, it's the only one I don't have.
Thank you.

Took me ages to find Crooked Sixpence, it is really scarce.
Does GO stand for Girls' Own?

Can you manage a bit with the cooking and the housekeeping? Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Housekeeping practcally impossible, cooking is microwave ready meals. Thank goodness for online grocery shopping.

Thank you, four more weeks in cast, although it's looking good, apparently.
Glad to see the result of the arm is plenty of reading time - there's always an up side! Do hope you're on the mend now.
I'm powering through books. Also improving left handed typing skills.

Thank you; less painful but just as inconvenient. Counting the days until the cast can come off.