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December 2018



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The Upper Hand Revisited

The other day I noticed that ITV3 was showing The Upper Hand, a sitcom I’d completely forgotten about. Unfortunately I’d missed the first episodes but I’m now well and truly hooked and catching it every day. It’s dreadful really, yet the very theme music makes me feel happy. I assumed from this fact, and from the awful clothes some of the women were wearing, that it was made in the 1980s. But no, according to IMDb, it ran to seven series, from 1990 to 1996. We obviously didn’t watch the lot, as I didn’t know how it ended up. Now I do.

High flying, divorced, single parent advertising executive Caroline needs a housekeeper and gets widower Charlie, an ex footballer who wants a better life for his daughter. Caroline’s sexy mother Laura is almost always in the house. That’s the whole plot for a seven part series: woman has male cleaner. It’s pretty thin but it’s cosy and it does have Honor Blackman as Laura. I’m disappointed to find that DVDs are quite expensive. It’s just the thing when you’re stuck at home, with or without snow. Still coming down here.


I remember The Upper Hand!

The weather is such that you are in the best place and watching lots of telly and reading!

No more snow here yet but maybe by mid afternoon. Stay cosy!
I'm keeping warm and hope you are, too! Put your cats on snuggling duty.
I liked that,too.
Find myself watching episodes of "Open All Hours" lately!
Hope you arm is on the mend. Keep warm!
Much as I love Ronnie Barker, I've never seen Open All Hours. Perhaps I should start.

Arm is much better, thanks, but so awkward.
Hope you're keeping cosy, too. Loved your flower picture the other day; we can dream of spring.
Oh, I have fond (but vague) memories of this. Wasn't the permise based on/adapted from an American sitcom?
Yes, something called Who's the Boss?

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Gosh that brings back some memories. I'd completely forgotten about it and yet I watched it at the time! Is this a good time to confess to sometimes watching old episodes of May to December and Citizen Smith on UK Gold? nicola@vintagereads
It's bringing back happy memories for me. I didn't watch either of the other series, so no nostalgia there and I don't have Gold so can't catch them now. No guilt required for watching what you enjoy:-)
I am LOVING these reruns of the show. I used to live in Nottingham where it was filmed and went to a live taping of an episode, best day for an 11 year old uber fan!
It makes my day at the moment! Lucky you to have seen a recording.