callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

Some Book Bargains

The Book People are offering 10% off collections at the moment. Here’s some that caught my eye.

The Cazalet Collection, Elizabeth Jane Howard. I love these books and am very tempted to buy a matching set to replace the mixed charity shop lot I have at the moment. Four books £5.99.

Barbara Pym Collection, five books for £6.99. Not my favourite but very popular with some.

Molly Keane Set, five books, £6.99. I personally dislike Molly Keane’s books with their worthless characters I couldn’t care less about. This is probably a minority opinion.

Blotto, Twinks Collection, Simon Brett, three for £4.99. I’ve had these from the library and find them great fun.

Wodehouse Collection. If you don’t already have a shelf-full, as I do, snap up ten books for £7.99.

Daisy Dalrymple Series, Carola Dunn. Twelve books, £12.99. I bought these last month and am happily reading my way through the whole lot.

There’s plenty more and if you’d like to recommend any of them to me, please do.

Oops, nearly forgot. The offer code is WHAM.
Tags: book people

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