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January 2019



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Unusual vehicles and other things I saw today

It was sunny(ish) this afternoon and much warmer than yesterday, so I took myself out. Just up the road I found myself following a genuine red vardo drawn by a horse with lovely feathered feet. Far from being annoyed by the delay, drivers were beaming, and a couple waved from their front garden. Parked at the garden centre was a lovingly preserved MG Midget covered with badges; I gazed at it in admiration for quite a while. It felt quite spring-like and I wandered round looking at plants which I used to have in my old garden and had to tell myself strictly that I have no room for in my new one. I can resist the resin garden animal ornaments but if I could think where to put it I’d buy a small gothic mirror like this to create some garden magic. It was cheaper locally. aellia, I think you’d have loved some of this stuff.

Back home in my garden I saw lots of jobs crying out to be done and some dead plants in the greenhouse. More encouragingly, in flower now are: cherry tree, primroses, snowdrops, pulmonarias, miniature daffodils, hellebores, bergenia, a few crocus, including the large purple one which comes up in solitary splendour each year, and Erysimum ‘Bowles’ Mauve’, which is almost never out of flower. Pleasingly, my erythronium plants are showing shoots. I can almost believe in spring.


Hasn't it been a beautiful day? I sat out with a cup of coffee and read :)

How wonderful to see the vardo. We had one come through Ely a while back. They are so lovely.

I love the mirror. It'd look great in any garden :)

Sounds like your garden is well ahead of ours. No snowdrops although the leaves are up but the miniature daffodils are doing okay.

I really want to get out and do things. The leg is easing but I know that within hours it can go right back to overwhelming pain. Maybe this time it will actually get better!

Glad you had such a lovely day :)
The afternoon was lovely, after frost and fog this morning. You must have a lovely sheltered spot if you could sit still outside!

I'm itching to get on with the garden now but I have the sense to know not to overdo it yet.
I do wish your leg would get better!

Have icon jealousy :-) You're so good at them.
We had frost here as well. I had to clear my car windscreen off before I took it to the garage.

My patio faces pretty much south so is nice and sunny and fairly protected and being in a walled-in area helps (old school grounds).

I spend ages playing at making icons. They really are easy and most are nothing special, but thank you :)
I think that you have felt just like me today!
I swept the leaves and washed ornaments.
Love the things on that site. It is well and truly bookmarked!
Seems like it! Not so pleasant today, sadly :-(
It was spring-like here as well yesterday.

Today the temperature is a little lower and the sky is mostly overcast, but still a reasonably nice day.

Our miniature garden only has snowdrops and crocus in bloom, but there's lots of green tips from other bulbs.
Your weather sounds just like ours. Yesterday's sun showed how filthy all the windows are after all the rain we've had!