callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

Girlsown books for the Kindle No.1: Susan Coolidge


How I loved What Katy Did when I was a child! I read it so often I must know it by heart. I also read at School and Did Next but it was many years before I found out that Clover and In the High Valley existed. Not so very long ago, people were prepared to pay *lots* of money for these two books; they really were at a premium. Then they were reprinted by Girls Gone By and prices went down. Now, all the Katy books are FREE for the Kindle. Coolidge’s scarcer books are also available free. Last year I read A Little Country Girl for the first time and wrote about it here. I’m currently dipping into Nine Little Goslings, a series of short stories. The first one is about Johnnie Carr. What a feast! You could even splash out £1.98 on eleven books by Coolidge.

Needless to say, in spite of having the Katy books on the Kindle, I’m hanging on to my hard copies. The idea that having a Kindle will reduce the number of books piling up all over the house is a myth.
Tags: children's books, girlsown books, kindle, susan coolidge

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