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August 2018



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life on mars

TV watch: The Lady Vanishes


Did anyone else catch this on BBC1 yesterday evening? I was doubtful about it, because of all the images from the Hitchcock film which are stuck in my head. I needn’t have worried, as it turned out to be one of the most stylish BBC dramas for some time. It had the romance of trains steaming across the Continent in the night. An enjoyable double act from Gemma Jones and Stephanie Cole. Alex Jennings, always so watchable. A genuine feeling of panic as the heroine insisted on the existence of the vanished Miss Froy while everyone told her she was hysterically deluded and needed sedating. Above all, it was fast paced, making an hour and a half whiz past. Such a refreshing change from the slow, arty productions which so often pass for drama and send me to sleep. Yes, I am thinking of Stephen Poliakoff. Well worth catching if you can and you can read more about the production on the blog.

I had no idea until now that the films were based on a book, The Wheel Spins, by Ethel Lina White. I’d rather like to read it.


The Lady Vanishes

I recorded it, and am looking forward to watching it later this week. (When I have a spare hour or so!!)

Re: The Lady Vanishes

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Sunday nights have been a TV desert for weeks now, so it made a nice change to have something worth watching.


I thoroughly enjoyed it but my knitting was considerably slower than normal as I kept looking at the TV screen afraid of missing anything. :-)
Wee sister
Hee! Shows how fast moving it was.
One of the most enjoyable things I've seen in ages. Of course the Hitchcock version is hard to top and there will be plenty of Hitchcock fans who will poke holes in it, but not me. I thoroughly enjoyed it; it was stylish and with a stunning cast. I thought they really captured the intrigue on a train and the cinematography was excellent :)
Totally agree. It really cheered up Sunday evening.
I missed this. Yours is the first positive review I've read of it. Now I have to watch it for myself!
I haven't read any reviews! I'm no film critic, I just know what I like :-)
I had to stop watching it. I couldn't work out why everyone was so bad-tempered and badly behaved! Maybe I should give it another go.
That's a pity. I couldn't understand the beginning at all, when everyone was at the hotel. Then I couldn't fathom why all the guests were on the same train at the same time. Once the journey started, things got interesting.
I would have watched if not for the Life on Mars watchalong that is currently held every Sunday. LoM takes precedence over anything :-)

I don't care for Stephen Poliakoff either.
I can understand that!


It should be on Netflix someday, and I look forward to it. Two of my favorites- Gemma Jones and Stephanie Cole. I wonder if the fellows, Charters and Caldicott from the original are in it. They make an appearance in another movie I love Night Train to Munich. I'm awfully fond of them.
No Charters & Caldicott. I guess Hitchcock's team invented them so as to use the actors. Like you, I enjoy the Naunton Wayne and Basil Radford partnership, in Night Train to Munich as well as in TLV.


Oh well, that's too bad. I thought they were the best part!