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Easter hunt but not for eggs

Yesterday I drove to Upton House for the annual book sale. Normally I would have spent some time strolling round the lovely grounds but it was just too cold. The sale isn’t as good as it used to be but I met my friend as usual, which was nice, and picked up a few books.


The good buys are the unprepossessing-looking red volumes. Three books by Richmal Crompton: Family Roundabout, Linden Rise & The Ridleys. Why the people running the sale think that a very ordinary school story by Winifred Norling is worth more than the Cromptons is a mystery but I wasn’t complaining.

This morning at the market, where it was so cold that my legs almost stopped working, I bought the book on top of the pile. Never heard of it but couldn’t resist the dustwrapper. Also six very recent knitting magazines with some good patterns in for socks, mitts etc. As just one of these mags originally cost £9.99, I was well pleased. I also bought some stamps from the man who always makes out he’s giving me a great bargain by saying, ‘as it’s this lady’ before naming his revised price. I like him, he calls me 'Madam'. When I got the stamps home I found they were better than I expected, so they actually were a bargain. Like I need more books, stamps and knitting patterns! But I can’t garden, so must look for indoor entertainment. I was dreading this long weekend and now I have almost too much to do and all of it fun.
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