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June 2018



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life on mars

TV Watch: Lost in Austen heads up


I loved Lost in Austen when it was first shown in 2008. (You have to scroll down to Albert Finney to find my brief notes.) How can it be that long ago? Now I see that it’s being shown again on ITV3, early evenings all this week. I’ve set it to series record.


Oooo, I loved this. Thanks for the heads up. I have set the sky+ box to record it :)
I'm looking forward to it!
We loved this one, too. In fact, I am glad that you mentioned it, because I needed a small gift idea for my mother's birthday on the 16th, and I think it is something that she will enjoy as well.
I enjoyed watching the first episode again. Can't believe I last saw it before I moved house; where does the time go?
I'm sure it would make a lovely present for your mother.


Lost in Austen

Have quite forgotten this. Must order the DVD.
Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. Hope your arm is OK now!

Susie V (my link seems to be lost and am too exhausted to reinstate it)

Re: Lost in Austen

I'm finding it just as good second time around.

Arm almost normal again, thank you!


Re: Lost in Austen

Me too! Alex Kingston is the best Mrs Bennet I've seen - you can see why Mr B fell for her. As for Mr Darcy, Julian Fellowes ever calls to say he's filming my Victorian mysteries I think I'll ask for Elliot Cowan to play my hero, Mr Knightley!

Re: Lost in Austen

Mr Knightley is my favourite, too.