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Girlsown Books for the Kindle No.3: L M Montgomery


My L M Montgomery books have been collected over a number of years and are mostly the UK Harrap editions, with or without dustwrappers depending on how lucky I’ve been. Last week I started researching e-books and found some anomalies. For instance, Chronicles of Avonlea is free from Amazon but you have to pay (not much) for the first and best book in the Anne series, Anne of Green Gables. OTOH you can get some titles quite cheaply which can be hard to find in print editions.

Free from Amazon
Chronicles of Avonlea
Rilla of Ingleside
The Golden Road
Short Stories 1896 – 1901
Short Stories 1909 – 1922
Short Stories 1902 -1903
Short Stories 1904
Short Stories 1905 – 1906

Cheap books which can be difficult to find in hardback
The Blue Castle
Pat of Silver Bush and Mistress Pat
For £1.30, a thirteen book compilation which includes Kilmeny of the Orchard & Rainbow Valley.

Project Gutenberg
Much the same as those on Amazon. The Emily books, Magic for Marigold and Jane of Lantern Hill seem to be available only from Project Gutenberg of Australia. Have I got that right?

Girlebooks has the Anne books
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