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December 2018



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At the Flower Show


Yesterday was the Horticultural Society’s ‘Spring’ Show. It’s been the worst growing season I can remember and yesterday the worst day for a show: relentless rain and the kind of wind that blows your umbrella inside out. Nevertheless, the people who grow to show managed to produce a wonderful display. I chickened out; just couldn’t face crawling around in the cold and wet to find the perfect primroses for the bench. Instead, for the first time ever, I entered some knitting.

I won first prize!


I was very pleased, but still wished I’d grown these.



Well done you! Those socks are rather fab.
Thank you! The socks are the trickiest I've made but I liked working the pattern.
I'm not surprised! Beautiful knitting!
Thank you!
Congratulations. They are very pretty socks.
Thank you!
Congratulations! Lovely socks.
Thank you!
Wow, congratulations, they are the most fab socks! I adore the pattern. I never knew you were such a good knitter :)

The flowers are rather beautiful. It's supposed to be warm and sunny here today. It's sunny but not warm enough for me just yet!
Thank you! Those socks were far more complicated that the ones I usually make, but they were fun to do.

Sun? Lucky peeps. It's grey and miserable as ever here. I keep deleting commercial emails exhorting me to buy summer brights, dress for the warmer weather, be ready for summer etc. I find it hard to believe in summer.
Maybe we should just skip buying summer clothes and go straight to winter purchases ;)
It's a way to save! I'll start knitting next winter's woollies.
Well done!
Thank you! Wouldn't have stood a chance against the scarf you're making :-)
I bet your stitches are more even than mine!
Wow, that is some knitting! Congratulations!
Thank you, it was fun to do.
Congratulations! They are beautiful -- especially lovely color combinationl. You certainly deserved to win.
Thank you! Yes, lovely colours; a much more expensive yarn than I would usually buy.
Hurrah - looks like a well deserved win.
Thanks! The prize was 50p :-)

I am entering four (or maybe five) classes at the County Show this year. Entry fee is 50p but first prize is £10! Last year I won a first and a second prize. And you get a free ticket to the show if you enter four classes, which is definitely worth it.
Coo! Good luck with your showing.

Our entry fee is 20p per class and has been for years. No wonder the show often makes a loss.

PS Happy Birthday! LJ didn't remind me but Dr Bear did.

Edited at 2013-04-16 01:25 pm (UTC)
Congratulations on your win - your socks look very professional indeed. This weather certainly has a lot to answer for - Ashley and I was only saying yesterday how badly this awful spring must have affected garden centres and nurseries, particularly coming on top of last year's non-existent summer. Tough times.
Thank you! Everyone seems to have had a spring-like weekend except us.

Our garden centre newsletter thanks loyal customers for their support. They must be making more money from coffee and the events they hold than from selling plants. I think they're big enough to survive, but a few garden businesses are bound to go under.