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December 2018



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Small Things


I love fritillaries and they love the damp. The area where these are growing was completely flooded earlier in the year. We had a warm day yesterday, a damp one today (and the heating has come on) and frost is forecast for tomorrow. What is the poor gardener to do? I’m weeks behind. There are still pretty things to be seen and I took these pics first thing when I went out to bring in the bins. I can’t show you the masses of primroses everywhere because I can’t get a good landscape photo. Nor the grape hyacinths and some particularly nice pulmonarias I have because my photos just don’t capture the strong blues. But here’s a few pretty flowers.


Stitchwort growing wild.


These tulips are supposed to be ‘Ballerina’. I’m not convinced, but they are cheerful.


I’m thrilled to see that my Euophorbia mellifera will flower this year. I had a huge plant of it in my old garden, which I loved, so when I saw a single pot lurking at the garden centre a couple of years ago, I snapped it up. The foliage has suffered a little but when those flowers open, the garden will be filled with the scent of honey.


Another success, this Euphorbia ‘Black Pearl’. I paid rather a lot for it, planted it out the front (a very difficult bed, as I now know), where it promptly died. Luckily, I’d taken a cutting and here it is, thriving in a new home.


Epimediums are such good plants for shade.

These are self-seeded wallflowers. The ones planted last autumn have yet to flower.




Truly lovely photos of plants in your garden to prove things are growing and spring is here, although stuttering in somewhat. I have one grape hyacinth which has several blooms. It came from my friend's spring flower display on the tables at her wedding reception at Losely Park:)

My particular favourites are the wallflowers. My dad always grew loads of them and I also love the way they grow from the walls of old ruins. So very lovely. I WILL get some pansies in and maybe a couple of other things once this next bout of frost has passed.

We are supposed to get a new hedge soon and I'm a bit loathe to do much in case everything gets knocked about or trampled.
Thank you. If you have one grape hyacinth, you'll soon have plenty more all over the place!

Nothing like the smell of wallflowers. Spring? We've just had a hail storm. You don't know what to wear from one day to the next.
I know, I'm wearing a fleece as it's chillier today but warmer than the weather forecaster said it would be. It's nice and sunny but a friend who lives 5 miles away has just had a hail storm!
I have fritillaries but I didn't know they prefer damp. They are surviving on the bank where I planted them, but maybe I'll move them to a damper space and let them thrive.
Hah, I see LJ is working again. Yes, fritillaries grow in damp places like Christ Church Meadow, which is famous for them (you probably knew that). Mine are at the base of a bank but that side of the garden gets wet.
I knew they were in the Meadow, I just never thought of it as a particularly damp spot, but I suppose it's near the river after all.