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At the Market

It’s always feast or famine at the market and today was feast. Drove down in brilliant sunshine to find the place heaving with sellers. I’d hardly been there five minutes when I was carrying a bag back to the car. A lovely Irish lady was surrounded by eager hunters, and no wonder. Early as I was, I just missed out on a box of lovely old haberdashery items, meh. Still, for less than a fiver I bought from her: a vintage crocheted baby blanket; two vintage aprons in sealed bags, two Cornelia James scarves and a useful little bag.


Next I found a chap selling so much ephemera you could have spent all morning just looking through it. I bought:


A bagful of pop memorabilia, including a mag. with Marc Bolan on the cover and what may or may not be a signed photo of Cliff Richard. Plus a bag of old postcards.


Two First World War editions of The Magnet; a lovely early schoolgirl mag.; some stamps; bus memorabilia.


The pop books came with the rest. I’ll be keeping the Golden Disc one; it’s all pre-Beatles and full of photos. Elsewhere I bought a very nice Richard Mabey book for me. Phew, I wished I’d had more cash on me. By the time I drove home, black clouds had appeared and there was a bitter wind. It’s freezing! But I had a good early morning.
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