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May 2018



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Pink Martini

I heard this song, Sympathique, on the radio this morning and really liked it.


I like it! Is it a new song in the style of an older one? I love the trumpet.
Dunno, I'd never heard of these people before. I like the retro sound, classically French.


Pink Martini

If you like this group, I think you'd like Paris Combo. I have several of their CDs and always feel like I'm taking a vacation in France when I listen to them. I can taste the crusty baguettes, I can see Notre Dame .....

Re: Pink Martini

Thank you, I'll have a listen!
That's gorgeous. There's several albums by Pink Martini produced in that lovely old fashioned way :)
I was singing it all morning! As soon as I have some more Amazon vouchers, i'll be buying a CD.


I love PM. I have a few albums and like them all. We were lucky enough to see them six years ago. Great concert.
Can't think how they've passed me by until now, but I'm definitely hooked.
Oh love these! Don't buy the CDs though Barbara - I'll have duplicates, as clearing out Uncle Reg's we gave some to him. Was going to take them all to charity shops. Also do you like Diana Krall? Need any? Dxx
Ooh, thank you!

Diana Krall, who she? Must investigate.
Will bring you a selection and you can dump anything you don't like! I should be back for the day tomorrow (briefly as still not myself)and will drop them off on my way back to London if I may, but hope to be feeling able to get back to work, deal with the sale of the house etc by end of month. xx