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December 2018



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Good news from Spitalfields Life

Spitalfields Life | In the midst of life I woke to find myself living in an old house beside Brick Lane in the East End of London

I've been following with interest and horror the plans by the Geffrye Museum to destroy the Marquis of Lansdowne pub. I think they were undone by that fateful comment about having 'no interest in the culture of the labouring classes'. The council has seen sense and here's a small victory for the people.
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Good news indeed. This is our heritage and too much of it has been demolished already.

This blog is great. I'm always interested in London and especially the east end and the south bank as my ancestors for several generations lived their lives there. I probably still have distant cousins in the area.
When you compare the plan for replacing the old building with a concrete cube with one for restoring and integrating it, it looks like a no brainer. As a Londoner born (cockney!) I get nostalgic over what was lost, like the docks.

I read that blog every day and enjoy the historical posts most.
I didn't realise you were a Cockney or haven't remembered. I knew you were a Londoner :)

My maternal grandmother and great grandmother were Cockneys, baptised at St George In The East (1889) and St Marks, Whitechapel (1867). They lived all over; in Whitechapel, Stepney, Shadwell, Shoreditch and Tower Hamlets - St Mary Ann Street and the Commercial Road area and Mile End old town. My great grandparents were also married in St George In The East. Other great grandparents on another branch were born in Limehouse and Bethnall Green. So many were across the river in Bermondsey and Rotherhythe, living and working within sight of the Tower of London on the river. I love visiting the areas although parts of the east end are still a bit rough and scary to be out alone. I have some baptism copies going back the the 1700s. Perhaps we are distant cousins ;)
I've been following the conversations on Twitter. Mostly over the moon, obvs, but there was a comment about there being 'prejudice against concrete'. I should cocoa!
Heh! Not that I always dislike concrete, it's fine on the South Bank, but I thought that planned development was wanton destruction of heritage.


Pub building saved

YES! I follow the Spitalfields blog also and I was so excited over this--it didn't feel at all hopeful. Now I want to buy the tea towel!

Erika W.

Re: Pub building saved

Love the tea towel!