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Cricket, Lovely Cricket


The first Test against New Zealand starts today! I’m very glad, as it will help me through a horrible day of noise and freezing cold while I have the kitchen door replaced. Coincidentally, I’m reading More than a Game by John Major. I absolutely loved the preface, in which John Major writes of his own life in cricket, famous cricketers he’s met and so on. He’s very good at anecdotes. After that, sadly, it becomes a book with John Major’s name on it. He credits a team of researchers, then makes the error of putting down everything he’s learned, as people do when writing a bad essay. So I’m skimming through pages of history (which I know anyway) in search of the nuggets which are actually about the history of cricket. The author’s love of the game shines through, which is what keeps me reading and the book is full of the kind of arcane facts which cricket fans like so much.


Cricket in the garden, 1950s. Mum batting, Grandad keeping wicket, me in the slips looking unlikely to catch anything.
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