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Going potty

A very hectic week, due mainly to tedious domestic problems and having MEN around the place and no peace. So I was really glad to have today to myself.

After doing a few jobs I was early at the garden centre. I had a print-off voucher for 10% off if I presented it before ten o'clock, today only. I thought I might get a hanging basket, as I hadn't made up any myself this year: too cold! When I arrived, I found an extra offer: £14.99 baskets on BOGOF. TBH, they weren't worth £14.99, but were a good buy at half price.

I'd already done some potting up and today I decided some of these pots must leave the sheltering greenhouse and take their chances outside. So I had a good sweep up and made a start. Below, red geraniums outside the chalet; there are three pots each side of the door. This was so successful in last year's awful summer that I decided to repeat it.


I planted up this pot of osteospermums and calibrachoa on May 11th and today it found its home in the porch. It's a nice old pot, with SANKEY impressed in the side.


I was able to buy a basket of some of the same plants to match the pot.
The baskets on offer were all plastic but I can't be doing with plastic pots in my garden, so I've used an old basket as a cachepot.


The other baskets aren't worth photographing yet. One is full of fuchsias; I took off the hanger, hid the pot in one of my chimney pots and the plants should trail out of it nicely. Of course I found a few more jobs to do, so it was all quite hard work. It would be a beautiful afternoon here if only it weren't so windy. No sunbathing, but all the views have improved.

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