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January 2019



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The Zombies!


Picture this. Seven in the evening and I’m flipping idly through the local free magazine, when I notice that The Zombies are playing the Tiv at eight o’clock. Phone up: ‘Any tickets?’ ‘Yes, come on down.’ Get changed, put a new face on, abandon everything and whiz down to town. Lovely warm evening for a change. Buy a ticket:


£18.50 to hear Colin Blunstone! Take that, BIC and other huge venues. Amazingly there were a few empty seats; have the people of Wimborne really got better things to do on a Friday evening?

The band started on the dot of eight o’clock, which always pleases me, and launched straight into I Love You. The setlist was pretty much the same as this one, with added treats of God Gave Rock And Roll To You and a lovely version of You Really Got A Hold On Me which segued into Bring It On Home To Me and back again. It was a very full set which included old songs, covers and songs from the 2011 CD they’re plugging, Breathe Out, Breathe In.

Rod Argent talks too much. Colin Blunstone just stands there looking smiley and lovely and then sings. Boy, can he still sing, and get ALL the top notes without apparent effort. It’s amazing how well his voice has held out after all these years (fifty two since they first played together) and how well he got through an evening of non-stop vocals. Five guys on stage and they all looked like they were having a good time. I wish the same could be said of the audience. Even though I’m hem hem years old, I enjoyed the first part of the set so much I felt like standing on the seat and shouting, yet around me there was barely even a nodding head. That’s when I felt suddenly lonely and missed the person who would once have sat beside me on these occasions. There was a man who knew how to enjoy a gig. I don’t regret going. For the first time since I heard the song on the radio in 1964, I got to hear Colin Blunstone sing She’s Not There, live on stage. And it sounded just as good.



have the people of Wimborne really got better things to do on a Friday evening?

They obviously don't know how to enjoy themselves! I can't believe you actually did this and I am really jealous but very proud of you. I love She’s Not There and have it on a 45 somewhere.
Wee Sister

Re: have the people of Wimborne really got better things to do on a Friday evening?

Thank you! I knew you'd understand :-)
OMG! I loved the Zombies (I use Zombie in Words With Friends (online scrabble on my phone) with #2 son yesterday and got loads of points ;) Anyway, lucky you! I'm a tad envious.

She's Not There is the one I remember best. I was a 13 year old when that came out :)
Lucky me, eh. The two original Zombies are miffed that She's Not There, Time of the Season etc. were bigger hits in the States than in the UK.
She's Not There!
I was thinking about that only a day or two ago -
Still sounds great! The song from yesterday that's in my head all the time now is Tell Her No.
I'm glad you got to go. I've always loved that song but it's very sad and can reduce me to tears .
Thank you, it was great. I understand about the song.
Wow, such luck that you saw the ad on time!
Wasn't it just! These last minute decisions aren't usually me at all.
Sound like a memorable show indeed! Jon and I love going to concerts -- we are making up for lost time because when we were young we could not afford to go very often. And I am surprised how good these older performers sound now. Some are even better than they were back in the day.
It was! It is nice to see these older performers. Paul Jones, for instance (he was with Manfred Mann for a while) still looks just like he did in 1965 and puts on a good blues show.


Wow! I saw The Zombies in the 60s and loved them. How wonderful to be able to see them as they are now and what a shame that the others in the audience didn't realise how lucky they were! Glad you had such a good time!

Thank you, I really did enjoy it. Now planning to see Joe Brown later in the year!