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December 2018



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Who's Queen?

Vivat Regina


Last year, some friends and I got together for a Jubilee evening. We had Coronation Chicken and Jubilee champagne and looked at coronation memorabilia. I was surprised to find that people my own age could remember nothing at all about the Coronation. My own memories are little more than a series of images. A wet, grey day and going to the house of my great aunt’s friend because she had a television set. A vague memory of a room full of people and a very small screen. Later, going with the same aunt to the ABC Broad Green (long gone) to see a colour film of the coronation. It was on with a black and white film of Life with the Lyons; Ben and Bebe Daniels were very popular on the wireless at that time. A party held for all the children in our road. It wasn’t in the street but some nearby hall and we were all in fancy dress. There’s a newspaper clipping with a photo of this somewhere, but I can’t lay hands on it just at the moment.

My sister and I had: coronation china; those wonderful little models of the coach and horses; money boxes shaped like crowns; a glitter press-out book to make your own coronation procession. All that is long gone. The coronation cup and Mappin & Webb spoon shown above were my husband’s. The tin I picked up a while ago at the market.


These books have all been found at jumble sales over the years. On top is the official guide. Under that a Pitkin souvenir booklet written by Beverley Nichols. Right at the bottom, the coronation edition of The Queen magazine. That’s full of the most wonderful advertisements.


At school, were given a book by Richard Dimbleby. I don’t think I’d actually started school at the time of the coronation, so they must have been presented to us the following term. What a long time ago it was. Let’s not forget this from Girl comic, long before I read it.



This is a lovely post and I love your collection :)

I celebrated in the garden last year with all the neighbours and it was a lovely 'do'.

I was only 2 and a bit for the actual coronation and I remember absolutely nothing at all. I should get out my mum's coronation mugs and have a cuppa out of one :)
Yes! get out the mugs. And a union flag, if you have one :-)
Fabulous :-)

I loved seeing this, and your post about The Zombies!
Thanks! I'm still on a Zombie high, with their songs in my head.
Fabulous photos. The only thing my Mum remembers about the Coronation is that they had their first TV set and everyone in the street came in to watch it.
There's posh :-) We didn't get a TV until 1959.
What a lovely collection! I often see coronation collectibles here in the US at antiques shows.
That's quite surprising. All the china is worthless, really, apart from the mug designed by Eric Ravilious. If you see one of those, snap it up!
Lovely collection, and I'm coveting the tin.

'She's Not There' alternated with 'Born To Be Wild' on the jukebox at the pub we used to go to in the '80s – constantly!
Paws off, you have lots of tins :-)

The eighties? Really? They're certainly songs that have stood the test of time.


I would love your Wendy & Jinx book, but I do have the facsimile book of Mother Tells you How. I loved Girl and also School Friend (with the Silent Three and Jill Crusoe and her friend M'lani, all very non-PC in those days!)
I also have that Coronation issue of Queen magazine, and also book of the Coronation you have here.
I went to see the Coronation on TV (three small TV sets had been set up) in our local town hall. All I can remember was how long it went on for, and how difficult it was to see anything on the grainy screen from several yards away! Oh, and I remember Life with the Lyons!
Margaret P
We have a lot in common :-)