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October 2018



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Yesterday’s Car Booting

Yesterday morning, very early, I went to the huge car boot sale at Ashley Heath, the first time I’d been for about three years. It was a glorious drive over the heathland in the early morning sun. That journey always makes me feel very Hardy-ish; I imagine the road white and dusty instead of Tarmac and one of his lone travellers trudging along it. On the way there I saw cattle browsing on the verges and on the way back a group of darling little foals. Miles I tramped round that huge field without finding anything, not being in need of a new lavatory, a surf board, or any of the myriad wares on sale. I couldn’t help remembering wonderful finds I’d had there in the past and told myself that anyway, it was a nice healthy country walk in the sun. It was really warm! Then, in the very last row of all I spotted these and asked the price. I expected to be told ‘pound each’ (which I would have paid), but no: ‘£1.50 for the four?’ ‘Yes please!’ Worth going then, and the book I most wanted, the Ruth Adam, still has its bookmark. I had the best of the day, too, because later it clouded over and wasn’t so nice.



How satisfying. I've been thinking of going to our local boot sale again after a break of years. Maybe there's something in the air.
something in the air
It's called sunshine, I think. I can't remember a weekend last year when I was tempted to go.
Haha, yes, that's it!
I hope you'll do a review of The Wise Virgins when you've read it, because I'm very curious to know what you think of it.
I'm curious myself!
Doesn't the sunshine make a difference to people? We start going out and doing things! The car boot trip sounds lovely. I'm pleased you enjoyed it and managed to get bargain as well. Some of my best buys have been at car boots. I haven't been to one in years.
I've had some great finds, too. I hope you'll get mobile enough to be able to manage a boot sale.
Thank you. I'm feeling a little more mobile. The warmer weather and new meds are helping :)
What a lovely day! Congratulations on your book finds!
Thank you, the books were a real bargain!