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October 2018



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June Garden

This part of the garden was looking pretty yesterday morning, so I took a not very good picture of it. I need a wide angle lense. And better picture hosting on LJ.



I love astrantias and this one was a bargain last year from the nursery sale at the garden centre. It’s Astrantia ‘Princess Sturdza’. Background foliage Lysimachia ‘Alexanders’. In front Teucrium scorodonium ‘Crispum’.


These cosmos are brighter than they look in the picture.


Gladiolus colvillei ‘The Bride’. So dainty. It doesn’t flower for long but takes up hardly any space, so earns its keep.


All looks lovely, and your garden looks very pretty.
Thank you! It's not bad, considering how little work I've done on it lately.
Wow! You have a garden to envy! It's very beautiful, B. You are obviously a talented gardener :)
Thank you! I haven't changed the layout of the garden at all and I'm lucky to have a meadow as backdrop. I'm trying to improve the planting, as plants are my big love. Every time I plant something I've chosen, I feel I'm making it more 'my' garden. I'd better get out there now in case it rains. Little and often is my gardening motto.
Gardens are very good for being able to impress your personality on.

Little sand often is the best way even with my small patch :)
Oh, gorgeous! I love the astrantia.
Thank you. I love all astrantias but that's a particularly nice one. I'm really annoyed that LJ doesn't let you enlarge pictures now; the original photo is so much better than that looks. Loved your Chelsea pics! I haven't been for years.
I really, really like the view in the first picture. That is exactly what a garden should look like!
A cottage garden, anyway. Thanks!


The glad is really special, and what a nice name. Wouldn't a bouquet of them be perfect for a bride?!
I like the layout of your garden very much. Is that paving in front of it, and a birdbath toward the back?
Have you ever thought of switching your writing to blogspot or wordpress?
Yes to all three of the first questions!

I'm always thinking about changing and never doing it. I think most sites have their problems, unfortunately.


I have never had problems with blogspot. I love the choice of colors and sizes of templates. I love the ease of posting. I really love everything about it.
A perfect English garden scene!
Glad you think so! I think a book of 'bloggers' gardens' would be rather nice, they'd all be so different.
Your garden looks lovely!
Thank you! Hope you'll soon be enjoying plants again.