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October 2018



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Make do and mend

Courrèges, mon brave!

I could hardly believe my eyes when the latest La Redoute catalogue was retrieved from the letter box. (Hint: if you ever buy one thing from La Redoute you’ll be inundated by mail for ever more.)


‘La Redoute are proud to invite iconic French fashion house Courrèges to lead in our new Autumn-Winter collection. Considered ‘futuristic’ in the 60s, Courrèges’s instantly recognizable style – clean, structured lines, strong geometric shapes and splashes of vibrant colour – has timeless appeal …’

I remember all this from first time around, when I was at school! The white boots, mid-calf length in those days, and the little bonnets. I still love the neat little coats but wonder if anyone will adopt the whole look. Only a teenager with legs like sticks could get away with those thick, white tights. Yesterday the latest Boden catalogue arrived. On offer: ‘sixties-inspired’ (dress); ‘a Sixties sensibility’ (skirt); ‘chic, retro’ (collarless short coat); ‘Sixties Funnel Neck’ (jumper); ‘Carnaby dress’; ‘Sixties Heel’ (shoes). I could go on but you can see it all for yourself on the website.


So, who’s up for yet another sixties revival?


Post title love.
Merci du compliment!

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I was a teenager in the 1960s and it was all Twiggy and go-go boots! Jean Shrimpton was my hero more than Twiggy.

We buy alike! I buy for Barney from La Redoute sales and my Boden catalogue arrived this morning. In my teenage years I'd be in those pink jeans and green jacket (but a cheaper supplier). I love their clothes and would wear them if I was thin. Their pack-away-shopper was a good buy :)

I'd be up for a sixties revival. Shirt dresses, round collars...

The sad thing is that when I was a teenager and clothes really mattered, I couldn't afford what I wanted (Mary Quant as seen in Honey). Now I could buy these clothes I'm too old for (most) of them. You never see a shirt dress these days! Or perhaps you meant shift dress? They're everywhere, go for it!
Weren't shirt dresses button through and shift dresses straight and buttonless? I might be confused. It wouldn't be the first time :)

I haven't worn a dress in centuries. I wear long skirts now and then. I don't have the legs for a dress!
That's really nice, thank you! I love Toast but can only afford sale prices. Actually, I was thinking more of an old fashioned shirtwaister being something hard to find these days.

La Redoute

What comes around goes around, as they say! I know exactly what you mean about La Redoute - I haven't bought anything from them for at least six years, and yet I still receive endless junk mail from them - must have cost them far more than they ever made out of me!

Re: La Redoute

Heh, yes! All those offers of free luggage :-(