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August 2018



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At the nursery sale

How I wish I’d taken my camera with me when I went to the nursery sale first thing this morning! I’d love to show you the crowds of happy shoppers with their ridiculously laden trolleys. The garden centre holds these sales several times during the summer and there are great bargains to be had. It’s a funny thing, but whenever I pay £10.00 for a plant, it dies, but anything snapped up for a pound or two at these sales flourishes. I came back from the last sale feeling very disgruntled. I picked a trolley which I couldn’t manage, the plants were arranged so that it was hard for people to get round and bargain hunters were pushing and shoving quite rudely. Humph!

Today was much better. There was the usual snaking queue, just like a jumble sale, and people chatting in a friendly way to complete strangers (well, I was). This time they’d used a different area of the nursery so the plants were on benches in a great circle, easy for people to filter past. I bought: Astrantia ‘Buckland’; Thalictrum ‘Evening Star'; a dark pink dahlia for late colour. All for £8.00. Win! It’s quite a social event for me as I have so many horticultural friends and acquaintances, I’m sure to see someone I know.

Now I’m wiped out because I put in all the new plants plus another I bought last Sunday. It may not sound much, but I had to dig out some tough stuff first and I also tipped two sacks of home made leaf mould on the beds and dug it in to give the new treasures a better start. Phew, I deserve to loll about listening to the cricket.


Love the plants you bought and I know what you mean by the £1 bargains and sometimes tatty looking plants doing better than the more expensive ones. I should look out for nursery sales near me as I want two large pots to re-pot my two orchids.

You have been busy and definitely deserve a cricket break :)
If I wanted pots, I'd be looking down the market. I've often seen quite big pots for sale there; the problem is picking them up and getting them home!

Glad you like my plants, they're looking good.