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November 2018



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What a sell!

After what has been a lacklustre fifth Test, Michael Clarke's declaration set up a nail biting finish with England chasing runs. England needed twenty one runs to win and looked like getting them, when the players were taken off for bad light. It's the rules. It's the ICC. It's not common sense. One minute you're on the edge of your seat and the next, flat as a pancake. Game over. I could have cried and I'm surprised the crowd didn't riot in frustration. This is England, though. Jonathan Agnew is very reasonably urging people not to blame Clarke or the umpires. Can the players really be feeling as accepting as they appeared in their interviews? They're so trained up to give sound bites you never know what they really think about anything.

BTW, wouldn't it have been nice for me to watch this last gripping day, using my new Sky NOW TV box? Two weeks on, I'm still waiting for the replacement remote and have just had an email saying it's on its way. Too late!


I was there. And the crowd was really not impressed. People were quite shouty and there was a lot of booing but it never felt like it was going to get ugly. This was a cricket crowd after all, albeit a sunburnt and fairly drunk one which didn't help. One thing that certainly discouraged trouble was the immediate appearance of a large number of stewards and uniformed police. But yeah, it was a crap way to end it, pretty shambolic really. The game's administrators haven't done themselves any favours with this one. It was such a shame though, the atmosphere leading up to it was fantastic, and the players were really going for it.
Lucky you! I heard the police moved in pretty quickly, good to know things didn't get nasty. You must have felt pretty let down after all the excitement.
I was not impressed and very disappointed. What a crap way to finish :(
Yup, it was such a let down.